Me And I

Silent Fighter


I fight a battle every day
Against worry and fear;
Some foe stands always in my way,
The path ahead is obscure
I must fight on
Against the doubts that skulk along;
I get ahead by fighting hard,
Fighting keeps my spirit strong,

But hope keeps me alive. Continue Reading

Random thoughts


2015It’s been about three months of no activity on my blog site, partially because I let it be that way while I indulged in other things. I spent part of my free time reading some interesting books which I still prefer to writing by the way. Well, am excited to be writing what I presume to be my last post of this year. 2015 has been an amazing year and am so thankful to God for the many fun moments and achievements I have registered.

One of the many things am grateful for this year is Continue Reading

My Country


Drive safely, stay ALIVE

Drive safely, stay ALIVE

If there’s anything that has continued to haunt this country, it’s the increased number of road accidents that continue to claim the lives of Ugandans. Almost a week can’t pass by without fatal accidents reported in all sorts of media.  This seems to be a month in-month out routine. I have read a range of literature the past few weeks and there’s loads of information and research on motor accidents, with case studies in both developed and developing countries. But one thing steers clear, road accidents are more prevalent in developing countries. Whereas developed countries seem to have learnt and put in place measures to curb and reduce these incidences, developing countries like Uganda have a very long path to trail before the message finally sinks in. I only wonder how many lives will have perished by then, lives that could have been saved.  Continue Reading

Random thoughts

Where is the LOYALTY?

imagesWe all experience certain scenarios in life. Some are good and carry with them lasting memories, yet some are bad and not only leave memories but also scars in our lives. They say time heals all wounds but I am not sure it heals the scars as well.   Well, maybe it does…But at the end of it all, we are to learn a lesson from our experiences; if only we choose to.

Almost everything we do in life involves coming into contact with people, either voluntary or involuntary. Right from when we are little kids- to our early school days, work places …… Some of these people we grow strong close ties to, they become our friends. Continue Reading

Random thoughts

Give Flowers while they can still smell them.

10311171_1454206288231116_758603834_nI dedicate this piece to my young sister Sonia because she’s the inspiration behind it. I picked her up from school last Thursday for her three week holiday. While we drove home, she was anxious to engage me in all the school stories, how some students attempted to start a strike, her school trips …..Prior to this, I had reviewed her report and she had performed fairly well, I think this explains the aura of happiness and ease that she exhibited. Anyway, that’s not the reason am writing this piece.

Once we got home, she was quick to hand me a simple plaque that she had bought me – it had these words embossed on it; Continue Reading

Random thoughts

Judge NOT

judging-a-person-does-not-define-who-they-are-it-defines-who-you-areWe live in a world where everyone has an opinion about everything and everyone, which is very okay! But many at times, they cease to be opinions but rather callous judgments. And when you are born of African heritage, where tradition or culture dictates that you have to do certain things the accustomed way; you experience a whole new level of judgment should you deviate from the norm.  It’s not any different in my country Uganda, or should I say it does get worse sometimes. Am not saying other ethnic groups don’t have traditional beliefs, they do, but they exercise them with a degree of flexibility.

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